How lucky I feel to have met Valerie Warwick near the time of my diagnosis
of Stage III melanoma!

She is a wealth of information - both in the practices of traditional
oncology as well as alternative immune therapies. She can enlighten you
on the pros and pitfalls of each. I feel like I have someone in my corner
of the ring totally supporting me.

Valerie is a steady guide, a bright light, and a goldmine of wisdom with
lots of heart. I am so fortunate to have found her!

— Marilyn G.

For over two decades we have studied, researched, trained and practiced in the art of alternative and integrative therapies and the prevention of chronic disease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our clients through information and education to be the masters of their own health. We strive to deliver the tools they need to discover true wellness through proven therapies and practices and allow them to maximize their personal potential and enjoyment of their life. 

Our Approach

We address the root cause of disease by bringing practical therapies from all over the world to discover and correct the underlying root cause of illness and restore health and wellness. Together we accomplish this through a process of removal (detoxification) and rebuilding using multiple approaches that give the body the tools and support it needs to rediscover optimal wellness.

Our Specialties

We specialize in chronic disease prevention and health management. We specialize in YOU. When it comes to our health we are all unique. Together we can design a unique plan just for you. We will guide and teach you to influence your specific genes and how they are expressed. Although each of us enters the world with a particular genetic code, we can influence the expression of those genes by turning them on or off using environmental influences. Did you know that a combination of improved nutrition, moderate exercise, stress management techniques, and increased social support can turn on or off over 500 gene expressions in a matter of three months? In effect, up-regulating or "turning on" health promoting genes and down-regulating or "turning off" genes that promote heart disease, cancer, inflammation and oxidative stress. Together we can create a new environment in your body where disease cannot live and you can truly be "The Master of Your Health". Don't waste your precious time shooting in the dark when it comes to your health! Hit the bulls eye and develop a plan that will work now!

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