Food for Thought

 Food for Thought... Food for Life... Food is your medicine

Food for Thought... Food for Life... Food is your medicine

So you have cancer......The first question that many people ask is, "What can I do to help myself?" "Should I change my diet?" Many times the answer they get from their oncologist  is, "No, Just eat what you like, except for raw fruits and vegetable of course during your chemo treatment." 

Allopathic medicine practitioners have fallen way, way behind and are ignoring the diet and health connection and the diet and disease connection.They believe diet can help prevent disease, of course, no one would argue that. However, they have not taken the great leap forward to say diet can treat disease. This is a very important concept and distinction to understand. That's right, I'm going to step out front and say it like it is! Diet treats, and yes it can even cure disease. 

This is where "medicine" comes in. Hello medicine! Medicine in the form of pharmaceuticals treats disease not food. If you say otherwise you are at risk of heresy! They will scoff at you! They may even throw pine nuts at you! 

Well, my advice to you......bend over, pick up the pine nuts and walk away! Find a doctor that understands that food is your most important medicine, period. 

So, let's talk about it. Food as medicine.......where do you start. How about the pharmacy?......Oops, no, no I'm sorry, silly me. I meant to say the farmacy. That’s right, you guessed it... the farmers' Market or the organic section in your local market.  

That's the best medicine by far! Groups of cancer fighting foods with thousands and thousands of phytonutrients, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, Chlorophyll, Carotenoids, polyphenols, isoflavones in doles and all in living colors of red, yellow ,orange ,green and purple. All the colors of the rainbow. All the colors that make up the spectrum of light! Wow! Oh, I get excited!! Can you see me now dancing in the garden? They all work in synergy to give your body exactly what it needs to heal. Your body knows just what to do with these wonderful living foods! And the best part... You don't need a prescription to get them. The power is in your hands and in your food.